Range of activities

Patent Information Centre LUT functioning within the European network of Patent Information Centers PATLIB

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Activity is defined in:

Ordinance No. R-25/2021 Rector of the Lublin University of Technology of 2 March 2021 on the organizational changes in the department of the Vice-Rector for Science


Ordinance No. R-26/2021 Rector of the Lublin University of Technology of 2 March 2021 on the introduction of the Regulations of the Scientific and Technical Information Center of the Lublin University of Technology

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The functions of Patent Information Centre include:

1. Provision of information services in the field of: the use of patent information resources; information on patent centers in the country and in the world; presenting the latest sources of knowledge on patent information on the website patent.pollub.pl
2. Cooperation with the Office of the Patent Attorney of the Lublin University of Technology in the field of promoting intellectual property issues: organizing training courses and workshops on searching in patent databases; preparation and distribution of information on events related to the popularization of knowledge in the field of intellectual property; organizing and participating in conferences and exhibitions.
3. Cooperation with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, Patent Information Centers as well as participation and cooperation in the PATLIB network in the field of: providing national and foreign patent literature; creating, ordering and using patent databases; trainings, workshops and conferences aimed at improving qualifications.

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