Article 1.(Act. Laws of 1994,No. 24, pos. 83).
1. The object of copyright shall be any manifestation of creative activity of individual nature, established in any form, irrespective of its value, purpose or form of expression (work).
2. In particular, the object of copyright shall include:
1) works expressed in words, mathematical symbols, graphic signs (literary, journalistic, scientific and cartographic works and computer programs);
2) artistic works;
3) photographic works;
4) string musical instruments;
5) industrial design works;
6) architectural works, architectural and urban planning works as well as urban planning works;
7) musical works as well as musical and lyrical works;
8) theatrical works, theatrical and musical works as well as choreographic and pantomime works;
9) audiovisual (including film) works.
The work shall be in copyright since being established, even though its form is incomplete.

Article 2.
1. The work derived from another author's work, in particular its translation, modification or adaptation, shall be copyrighted without detriment to the original work.
Article 3.
Collections, anthologies, selections, and data bases showing the features of a piece of work shall be copyrighted even if they contain unprotected materials in so far as the nature of their order, arrangement or composition is creative without detriment to the rights of the works used.

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